Monday, June 30, 2008

Now that's a MAN's 40% off sale!

Sometimes I actually read my spam, especially when there are emails advertising big sales. And sometimes I stumble upon a true gem, like this ad from the camping and outdoor gear site

Here we have the featured shot, a couple guys grilling in the spirit of the 4th of July, which corresponds to the sale. Seems to make sense at first blush. But then you realize that these two have apparently lugged a full-size Weber grill to the top of a mountain. And after they fired up the grill and plopped down a couple of bratwurst and some weird-looking white things (chicken?), they reward themselves for all that strenuous labor by lighting us what appears to be marijuana. I guess it could be a cigarette, but then why is that hippie to the left reaching over for it?

"Hey, 4th of July's comin' up. Let's buy some meat, carry the grill up to the top of an arid mountain and smoke some weed. Just like last year."

I dunno, couldn't they have found a photograph that gets the spirit of the company and the sale across a little clearer? Instead of settling on the very first shot that came up on their Google Image search?


Hmm. Big and juicy, like the brats sizzling on that grill. Big and juicy, like the... backpacks you have on sale? Or the.... hitch bike carriers? Hey, what about this sale is big and juicy, exactly?

Also, most people say "4th of July" not "July 4th."

Up to 40% off
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Be like the guys in the picture, everybody! Shop for some sweet camping gear. And then grill out on the mountains while you enjoy some recreational drugs. Nothing says "I'm a hardcore outdoorsman" like juicy brats and pot.

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Tyler said...

I am immediately reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer tried to sell Jerry's "big, juicy van."